How Habits Determine Outcomes
What To Do When You Are In a Rutt
Do you ever feel like you're on the road to nowhere?

Like you're on a hamster wheel, just hoping to get somewhere but not getting any closer day after day?

Have you ever noticed that the results you get at work and home and directly related to your personal habits?

Are you as productive as you want to be?
Do you find yourself easily distracted, lethargic or a consistent procrastinator?
Just waiting for the time to finish so that you can get back to real life - which isn't much better?

The problem here stems from a lack of purpose and meaning - a lack of a clear direction, and consistent work in that direction.

How would you like to change that?

In this facilitation you will have the opportunity to open up and discover what would motivate you and bring out the best in you.  You will be prompted to develop your personal life and career vision, step by step with guidance and get help on what actions you can take as well as the skillset you would need and the daily habits that will serve your vision, and bring you back to life.

That way you will be OFF of your hamster wheel of a life and ON track towards reaching your destination.

Key Objectives:
• To recognize the importance of visualizing and setting a clearly defined goal.
• To introduce the compound effect and the impact of great and poor habits.
• To introduce and get started with using two habits that have been well researched and are a MUST for effective people to have.

Talk: 45 minutes - 1 hour (unlimited capacity)
Facilitation: 1h30mins - 3hrs (upto 30 people)
Full Day Seminar (upto 30 people)
2-Day Seminar (upto 30 people)


Sajid Alimohamed helps people build their leadership capacity and become engaging leaders. He is an expert at helping his clients Lead themselves, their lives and the teams that they work with to have directed and fulfilling lives.
Contact Sajid Alimohamed if you are interested in building your leadership capacity or that of your work team.

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