"A Charismatic Speaker that you will never forget!
He connects with the audience, provides phenomenal insights and makes the audience think, feel and act differently and leave with something tangible they can apply!"
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Sajid Alimohamed helps organisations build engagement and connection within teams through developing personal consciousness and inspiring meaningful relationships that foster synergy.

Trust, Synergy, and Results.
Through hearing a number of Sajid's talks I have learned how to improve my family life and the process of achieving anything I want in life.  Nothing is impossible.  My confidence level has gone up and I have found my way to true happiness.  It has been many many years since I have felt this good or had this much self confidence. 
-Frank Anderson
Sajid is one of the most influential individuals I have met.  Within a short period of time he was able to create a safe space for our group to open up about our personal challenges and guide us through them.  Prior to meeting Sajid, I had created a lot of barriers in reaching my goals but he opened my mind, allowing me to realize my true potential.  
Personally he has given me simple yet effective advice, which has made my life more positive.  I especially appreciate that the advice and guidance he gave each of us that was tailored to our needs.  
Since I and the people in my work group have benefited from Sajid's facilitations, I am confident others would too.
-Sayed Wali
My experience learning from Sajid has made me a more effective and mindful leader. It has helped me understand the art behind relationships, vulnerablity and couragous communication which has impacted every area of my life. Through his expertise and mentoring, I was able to appreciate the value that relationships play in community building, leadership development, and activism. I highly recommend Sajid to those who seriously want to impact meaningful change into their careers and lives.
-Nasiba Mohamedali
Working with Sajid has been both insightful and transformative.  Sajid uses his expertise on leadership development and capacity building with his ability to connect with individuals in a meaningful way, to provide guidance, practical tools and to inspire change.
His sincere desire to assist others in their personal and professional pursuits deserves the highest of accolades because when you engage with Sajid, he always finds a way to connect with you and make things real.
Sajid is an influencer and role model. Just talking with Sajid inspires me to be better and do better.  His non-judgemental nature makes me feel comfortable to share my insights and seek his counsel.
-Raihanna Hirji-Khalfan
Sajid has the unique ability to pinpoint areas of strength among individuals, and put them in an environment where those strengths are best utilized. He also has the charisma that drives people to maximize their capabilities, while guiding them towards a goal.  He not only personifies leadership, but also inspires leadership in others.
-Taha Kermalli
Be it in a group or a one-on-one setting, Sajid will always listen to you and come up with meaningful questions and insightful reflections for your development. He's extraordinarily patient and willing to meet you wherever you are in your personal journey. 
-Samaah and Qasim  
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