How to engage different personalities and build stronger relationships
Truth be told, the true golden rule should be: 

"Treat Others As They Would Like To Be Treated"


Because we are all a little bit different. Between men and women, white, black, brown, yellow, from different cultural and religious backgrounds and our innate wiring - personality, especially in Toronto, we share a lot in common, yet we are all unique.

Sometimes we expect others to be like us, think like us, act like us.

So how do we engage with one another in such a way that we all feel comfortable and effective?

In this talk and facilitation we shed light on one of the greatest challenges in the office today. 

By the end of it you will understand what you need to do to engage others, build trust, and have better relationships at work and at home.

Key Objectives:
• To understand innate personalities and how they differ in engagement styles
• To embrace our difference and look at things from another perspective
• To learn how to do unto others as they would appreciate, in order to engage with them better and to build trust

Talk: 45 minutes - 1 hour (unlimited capacity)
Facilitation: 1h30mins - 3hrs (upto 30 people)
Full Day Seminar (upto 30 people)
2-Day Seminar (upto 30 people)


Sajid Alimohamed helps people build their leadership capacity and become engaging leaders. He is an expert at helping his clients Lead themselves, their lives and the teams that they work with to have directed and fulfilling lives.
Contact Sajid Alimohamed if you are interested in building your leadership capacity or that of your work team.

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