As a young boy and teenager I was a responsible, and heavily involved teenager. I was practically on every youth board you could think of and didn't really have to study through highschool, so naturally I truly believed that the world was my oyster and I was going to achieve greatness in my life.
When I was around 16 years old, I was just entering Grade 11 and I noticed something change in my friends.
I had gone to Montreal for the summer, and upon returning to school I started to hear about all of the 'new experiences' my close friends had been exposed to while I was away. Casinos, Gambling, Drinking Alcohol at Barbecues, Smoking Cigarettes and Weed.
I was glad that I wasn't with them over the summer, but I definitely felt a deep split in our value systems. As a practicing Muslim, I vowed to never, ever, ever drink any alcohol, smoking was taboo, and gambling was out of the question for me. In my head, I had to make a decision and I decided that I would not be influenced. This decision resulted in my friends and I growing apart.
This was especially difficult for me at the time because in highschool, as you know, your friend circle is what brings you status, which means - they are everything.
I ended up spending lunch hours in the library alone, reading and finding some other people to hang out with who were not as popular, but whose company I also enjoyed.
It was still difficult for me to overcome - especially when I would meet my old crew in the hallways and felt judged and isolated.

Looking back, I realize today that I was lucky to have made the  choices I made. I was lucky I had VALUES. Strong Values that grounded me. These values were so strong that I gave up STATUS which meant a lot to me, in order to uphold what was more valuable and IMPORTANT to me.

Looking back it is not surprising that today, one of the most central aspects to the coaching, consulting and personal development trainings that I run have to do with CORE VALUES & IDENTITY.

Without these, we can get lost early on in life, and one day wake up to find out we are not happy with anything that is going on in our life.

Later in life I became an environmental engineer and worked in oil fields cleaning up spills and reclaiming lands. It paid the bills and I was doing good work for the environment, but I just knew there was more that I was meant to be doing. I just wasn't feeling fulfilled enough. The work I was doing just wasn't hitting the core of my being. I was seeking more. More meaning and purpose. More achievement. I wanted to help people. I wanted to bring happiness to the world. 

It took me a long time to take a step and decide to make certain sacrifices to make a change. Losing almost everything I owned including some of my dignity - moving back into my parent's basement, but this time with my wife and two kids, just to try and make things happen.

Today I am pleased to be helping others with their personal development and motivation to become more productive. It's highly fulfilling and I am enjoying the journey. 

What I thought would take a few months has taken years. These last few years have been the best, most uncomfortable, and biggest 'internal growth' years of my life and I am truly grateful for the journey I am on. 

I work with youth, young adults, professionals and business owners through talks, facilitated programs, retreats and one-on-one coaching. My programs enhance mindset, self-consciousness, vision, and habits, so that they always see the glass half full, understand themselves and what makes them tick, visualize their destination and take consistent action to make it come together for them, so that they are leading a happier and more fulfilling life.

The work that I do is my gift from God and His gift to humanity.
I always pray to God to make me a conduit through which His goodness is shared with the world, and He always answers my prayer.
Sajid Alimohamed's 5 Step System to Lead Your Life helped me get out of a serious rutt.  I was in a downward cycle and within a couple of weeks I went through a major shift from negativity to positivity, especially regarding who I see myself as and who I want to become.  His system builds the positivity, belief and conviction that I will accomplish what I previously thought were monumental tasks or unattainable goals in my life and for my businesses. Through the success principles and daily exercises that were introduced to me and that have now become daily habits, I began to recognize the bounties in my life and to witness the progress I am making towards my large goals.  I started the course feeling like I was just going through the motions and getting through life, with all of these big dreams that I wasn't too sure would materialize.  After only going through half of the program I am forging my own path ahead to accomplish these dreams!

I recommend the Lead Your Life program for anyone who has a vision, anyone who needs help focussing their time, energy and resources towards that vision, anyone who feels they haven't seen happiness in a long time, anyone who needs a push in the right direction and anyone who is in a negative space or has fears that limit their ability to take action. 
-Muhammad Jiwa
Through Listening Connects' 3 Step System to Lead Your Life I have learned how to improve my family life and the process of achieving anything I want in life.  Nothing is impossible.  My confidence level has gone up and I have found my way to true happiness.  It has been many many years since I have felt this good or had this much self confidence. 
-F. A.
Sajid is one of the most influential individuals I have met.  Within a short period of time he was able to create a safe space for me to open up about my personal challenges and guide me through them.  Prior to meeting Sajid, I had created a lot of barriers in reaching my goals but he opened my mind, allowing me to realize my true potential.  
Personally he has given me simple yet effective advice, which has made my life more positive.  I especially appreciate that the advice and guidance he gave was tailored to my needs.  
Since I have greatly benefited from Sajid's mentorship, I am confident others would too.
-Sayed Wali
My experience learning from Sajid has made me a more effective and mindful leader. It has helped me understand the art behind relationships, vulnerablity and couragous communication which has impacted every area of my life. Through his expertise and mentoring, I was able to appreciate the value that relationships play in community building, leadership development, and activism. I highly recommend Sajid to those who seriously want to impact meaningful change into their careers and lives.
-Nasiba Mohamedali
Working with Sajid has been both insightful and transformative.  Sajid uses his expertise on leadership development and capacity building with his ability to connect with individuals in a meaningful way, to provide guidance, practical tools and to inspire change.
His sincere desire to assist others in their personal and professional pursuits deserves the highest of accolades because when you engage with Sajid, he always finds a way to connect with you and make things real.
Sajid is an influencer and role model. Just talking with Sajid inspires me to be better and do better.  His non-judgemental nature makes me feel comfortable to share my insights and seek his counsel.
-Raihanna Hirji-Khalfan
Sajid has the unique ability to pinpoint areas of strength among individuals, and put them in an environment where those strengths are best utilized. He also has the charisma that drives people to maximize their capabilities, while guiding them towards a goal.  He not only personifies leadership, but also inspires leadership in others.
-Taha Kermalli
Be it in a group or a one-on-one setting, Sajid will always listen to you and come up with meaningful questions and insightful reflections for your development. He's extraordinarily patient and willing to meet you wherever you are in your personal journey. 
-Samaah and Qasim  

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